St. Lawrence Athletics, Utica Michigan, is a non-profit organization that promotes youth athletics, in accordance with Catholic teachings and the Constitution of the United States, for the youth of the St. Lawrence parish community. The St. Lawrence Athl

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St. Lawrence has had a long tradition of providing quality youth athletics to the many children of our parish community. We offer a wide range of activities to parish boys and girls in grades K-8. Participation is open to both St. Lawrence school students and parish and non-parish students enrolled in appropriate Catholic Religious Education programs around our area. For specific eligibility requirements, please refer to our By-Laws or our FAQ page at left.

Currently, we offer three types of programs:

- Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)- grades 4-8* (main focus of program)
- Instructional- grades 3-4
- Junior Athletics (JA)- grades K-3*
*depending on sport

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

Our CYO program is the main focus of St. Lawrence Athletics. Participating in the competitive Archdiocese of Detroit CYO, this program is focused on preparing our student athletes to compete at the highest levels. We will compete to win the contest- within the rules of fair play and good sportsmanship. Some CYO-level activities do limit participation with 'cuts'. However, every effort is made to avoid cuts whenever possible. Currently, St. Lawrence offers the following CYO sports:

Fall Sports (August- October)- online registration ONLY in March/April/May of prior school year
- Football (boys in grades 4-8)
- Cheer (girls in grades 4-8)
- Soccer (boys & girls in grades 5-8)
- Volleyball (girls in grades 5-8)

Winter Sports (November- March)- online registration ONLY in September/October
- Basketball (boys & girls in grades 5-8)
- Bowling (boys & girls in grades 5-8)
- Cheer (girls in grades 4-8)

Spring Sports (March-early June)- online registration ONLY in December/January
- Baseball (boys in grades 5-8)
- Softball (girls in grades 5-8)
- Lacrosse (grades 5-8)


This program or 'league' is done in cooperation with other CYO schools and is focused on teaching individual and team fundamentals while adding a splash of competitiveness. There are no 'cuts' and playing time is distributed equally among all players. Teams are coached by parent volunteers and every attempt is made to ensure teams are as even as possible. Coach, parent and player time commitments are minimal.

Currently, the instructional program includes the following:

Winter Sports (December- February)- online registration ONLY in October
- Basketball (boys & girls in grades 3-4)

Mark Bruni,    is in charge of Instructional Basketball. Please contact Mark with any questions concerning the program

Junior Athletics (JA)

Our JA program began in fall, 2001. Offered to our younger children, the focus of the JA program is on teaching the fundamentals of a given sport in a fun atmosphere. The activities of the JA program are both league-oriented and camp/clinic-oriented. The intention is to make these activities 'low-maintenance' for coaches, parents, and players. We currently offer the following:

Fall Sports (August- early October)- Mail-in registration only in May of prior school year 
- Soccer (boys & girls ages 5-10)- league-oriented competing in the Warren Youth Soccer League

Spring Sports (April- May)- Mail-in registration only in January
- Soccer (boys & girls ages 5-10)- league-oriented competing in the Warren Youth Soccer League