St. Lawrence Athletics, Utica Michigan, is a non-profit organization that promotes youth athletics, in accordance with Catholic teachings and the Constitution of the United States, for the youth of the St. Lawrence parish community. The St. Lawrence Athl

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            SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2017
                            Official School/Athletic Commitment Letter   

If you play a Fall sport, you are required to participate in Applefest as determined by St. Lawrence School and the Athletic Booster Committee. Family requirements will be tracked. If these requirements are not met, you will be responsible for paying a non-participation fee.  Fall Athletes will not be allowed to participate with their team until the non participation fee is paid.


Participation Options:

- Work your required (2) 4-hours shifts per family.
- Sell or Purchase $500 in Raffle ticket
- Donate $500 in gift cards (deadline 8/18/17, must have receipt from office)
- Find a company to sponsor an area. (contact
- Festival set-up done on Wednesday and Thursday evening and Friday afternoon.
- Pay a non-participation fee (amounts will vary, see schedule below)

- Pay a non-participation fee of $500 per one 4 hour shift for a total of $500.00 for two 4 hour shifts

(we prefer you work a shift rather than pay a fee)